Class Bookings

The following membership options are available: 

Monthly members (individual or joint), and 10-class pass members. 

These members can book up to 2 weeks in advance online via PortsmouthTRX's online booking system.  

Monthly, and 10-class pass members on joining PortsmouthTRX will be provided with an information sheet outlining how to register and use the online booking system. 

On successfully booking a class a confirmation email will be sent to the member confirming their space. If any member does not receive this email, please contact PortsmouthTRX directly. 

Pay as you go members
​These members can book online via PortsmouthTRX's online booking system up to 2 weeks in advance, with payment for the session taken at the time of booking.    

Class Booking Conditions

A class booking is not confirmed unless a positive response has been received from PortsmouthTRX, either by way of a confirmation email, text or confirmation telephone call. 

Each class has a maximum number, and PortsmouthTRX does not guarantee that any individual class or particular piece of equipment will be available for members to reserve. 

Class​es become available for booking on PortsmouthTRX's online booking system up to 14 days in advance. 

PortsmouthTRX has the right to cancel and change the timetable at any time without notice. 

Class Cancellation Policy 

Classes can be cancelled online up to 6 hours before the scheduled class time for a full refund. Cancellations after this time will not receive a refund.

PortsmouthTRX will monitor attendance at all sessions and in line with their cancellation policy will have the discretion to stop members from booking sessions if there is a continued misuse of the booking procedure and regular sessions booked but not attended. 

PortsmouthTRX will relist online any sessions cancelled within the cancellation policy for other members to book and will endeavour to offer a waiting list service for those classes that are fully booked.